As you know, we recently migrated our previous website ( to this brand new, improved website, but we wanted to continue to share the many wonderful testimonials we have received over the years, so please feel free to peruse the lovely comments (and exceptionally cute pictures!) below.

From Feb 2016

Dear John Lemberger and Larissa

My vasectomy reversal operation worked perfectly. Our lovely Daughter was born in February 2016 she weighed a very healthy 8 pounds 12 ounces and has completely stolen our hearts. Both Mum and Baby are fine.
I was worried that it may not work as the original vasectomy was performed at the beginning of 1994 so many years ago. However after chatting with John the morning after the operation he seemed confident that it would all be OK, because of minimal scarring. Guess what? he was 100% correct.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending vasectomy reversal UK to anyone who maybe interested, first class service, and a fantastic outcome. I also wanted to say that often after the original vasectomy i would often get pain and discomfort down there!. Since the reversal operation this has completely disappeared and i feel so much better.
Once again a HUGE THANKS from C and A
From October 2015
Hi…..I had a reversal with Dr Lemberger in Sep 2014 and were very pleased to announce we had a baby girl who was born on the 9th Feb. We would just like to say how happy and pleased we are with everything your team and your self did. Thank you so much
Thanks K, F and M
From November 2015
Dear larissa,
… I came and had a vasectomy reversal done in feb 2015. Me and the wife just wanted to send ya some photos our our little boy . we are to be induced in the next 2 weeks so will send some more then. We would just like to thank yourself , Dr Lemberger and his team for everything
many thanks

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