Gurminder Mann is a partner in the Nottingham Urology Group and has been performing vasectomy reversal for more than 12 years. Gurminder is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and was appointed as a Consultant Urologist at Nottingham University Hospitals in 2004. He has served on the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) Council and is currently on the Specialist Advisory Committee in Urology. He was trained by two of the most experienced surgeons performing vasectomy reversal and completed the Royal College of Surgeons Microsurgical Course for Andrologists. The course was important to obtain skills used for vaso-epidymostomy (joining the vas to the epididymis) when the usual vaso-vasostomy (joining the divided vas back together) is not technically possible.

Gurminder is keen to talk to you and answer your questions directly.

Couples are naturally anxious when thinking about vasectomy reversal. They are concerned about the operation, the recovery and the chances of success. There’s a lot riding on the operation so we try our very best for success using the operating microscope.”

Gurminder qualified at Nottingham University and has developed a busy NHS practice in urological cancer including kidney, bladder and testis. He performed the first laparoscopic kidney removal for cancer in Nottingham in 2003 and bladder removal as a combined procedure in 2006.

Gurminder lives with his partner and 2 fast-growing children. He is a keen cyclist and skier and can now only watch, rather than play, cricket. Gurminder is a photography enthusiast and film buff.

Larissa is our practice manager, and she will be happy to contact you in response to your enquiry.  She works closely with the surgical team and the BMI Hospital to ensure that the whole experience of having a vasectomy reversal works smoothly and efficiently for you.  She will also ensure that your enquiries are dealt with promptly and sensitively.

“I was a GP in Nottingham for several years. When I started my family, I started working for Vasectomy Reveral UK so that I could stay involved with medicine, but have the flexibility to work from home. It was a good decision; Gurm and John are lovely guys and have been great fun to work with over the last eight years. My three kids are older now, and I split my time between my family, my garden and my troublesome dog.”