Welcome to the Vasectomy Reversal UK Clinic

We offer microsurgical reversal of vasectomy (vaso-vasostomy and vaso-epididymostomy). Men from all over the UK, Europe and further afield have their vasectomy reversed by Vasectomy Reversal UK, making us one of the busiest clinics in the country.

All operations are performed by Mr Gurminder Mann,  Consultant Urological Surgeon with specialist expertise in scrotal surgery and scrotal conditions, testis cancer and fertility. The procedure is performed using a high-powered microscope giving an overall success rate consistently well over 90%.

Gurminder and his recently retired colleague, John Lemberger have treated over 1200 patients and the testimonials speak for themselves. Vasectomy Reversal UK is recommended by health websites such as the Vasectomy Reversal Guide. A one-stop service can be organised so that you can see Gurm for a consultation and then have the vasectomy reversal procedure the same day.

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We have one of the most competitive prices for vasectomy reversal. To help you decide if a vasectomy reversal is right for you, we offer a free and confidential telephone consultation for you to ask about the procedure in detail or talk about any concerns that you or your partner may have. We aim to provide a sympathetic service causing the least fuss with the best outcomes.

Vasectomy reversal UK can also be found at UK Health Centre.