Post-vasectomy pain

After vasectomy (the original operation for sterilisation) up to 5% of men can suffer with long-term pain in the scrotum.image

This can be debilitating and is thought to be due, in part, to the continued production of sperm resulting in distension of the epididymis. A vasectomy reversal may help in alleviating this pain. If you think you are affected in this way it would be helpful to talk about this in detail and examine you.

New evidence from the American Urological Association meeting 2010

John Lemberger attended the AUA meeting in 2010 and was impressed by a presentation given by Dr Philip Werthman, MD, director of the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Vasectomy Reversal in Los Angeles and assistant professor of urology at the University of Southern California

“Pain following a vasectomy is relatively uncommon, but can be chronic, severe, and life-altering, and most men don’t get the help they need because urologists typically try a couple of things that don’t work and then throw their hands up and tell their patients that they’ll just have to live with their pain,” said Dr Werthman.

According to Dr. Werthman’s report, 75% of patients having vasectomy reversal for pain were cured, 10% had greater than a 30% reduction in pain, and 10% had no change in symptoms.

A comprehensive review article in the scientific literature can be accessed below:

Review of post-vasectomy pain