What to expect after your vasectomy reversal

The scrotum is often slightly puffy with minor bruising which can extend into the base of the penis.  The cut is often slightly raised and firm.  Internally you will be able to feel some hard nodules which is the healing tissue around the vas tubes.  This hardness takes up to several months to soften.

Skin stitches

These are buried underneath the skin and dissolve away so there is nothing to be removed.

The Dressing

We will put on a dressing held on by a support.  On the morning before your discharge we recommend taking this off, having a shower and then putting it back on for your journey home.  Once you get home it is best to take the dressing off and leave the cuts open.  You may spot a little blood for a few days and if this is excessive then you can apply some of the gauze that you will have been discharged with.


For the first 2 days it is important to do plenty of lying down as this is the best way of taking the weight off your testicles.  After that you can resume near normal activities but you should not do anything really strenuous or heavy lifting for a couple of weeks.  It is advisable to have a week off work and possibly longer if your job is particularly heavy.


Ideally, you should not drive yourself home the day after the operation as traces of the anaesthetic drugs remain in your body for at least 24 hours.

Flying and risk of blood clots in legs

It is now recognised that flying within 6 weeks of an operation slightly increases the risk of blood clots. Whilst you are under anaesthetic, we apply some tight stockings which reduce the risk of blood clots during surgery (which is a minute risk). These stockings can be used whilst flying and the usual advice to passengers is to exercise their legs, walk about and remain well hydrated during the flight.

Pain and Pain Relief

During the operation we give a special injection of local anaesthetic into the scrotum to deaden the nerves.  This usually lasts overnight after which you will probably  manage with Paracetamol up to 8 a day.  If this is insufficient then in addition take Brufen 200 mgs three times a day – the two work really well together.

What underwear is best

There is no medical evidence to tell us one way or the other and general advice is to wear what you feel comfortable with – some people like loose underwear, others like and feel more comfortable in something more supportive.

When to resume sexual activity

You can resume activity after a week or at least when you become comfortable.  It is then advisable to perform regularly as this probably helps to keep the healing tubes open.

Semen Analysis

This needs to be done about 12 weeks after the operation.  Some patients will come back to the Nottingham area where the testing is currently done by our local in vitro fertilisation unit, CARE.  We will forward details about how to organise the test with them. (more info)

If you live a long way from the Park then I will have asked your GP to organise the test at a local hospital.  There may be an additional charge for this   The result will either be forwarded to you by your GP or by myself.

What can go wrong

Generally if everything is comfortable it means that there is nothing seriously amiss.

You can get excessive internal oozing of blood so that the scrotum gets very swollen and bruised.  This delays healing and very occasionally exploration is needed to remove clots.

Infection in the cuts is also very uncommon but if they go red and fluid is discharged then you will need some antibiotics from your doctor.

Do feel free to ring either the ward you were on at the Park or our secretary at the PArk on 0115 9662113.  We can offer advice but it often means a visit to your GP.