You might find other vasectomy reversal clinics out there, but we believe you won’t be able to find any better than Vasectomy Reversal UK.

1. Success

A recent audit of our vasectomy reversals reported a positive post-op semen test in 96.7% of men who had their vasectomy less than 5 years before. Why not call us for full details of the operation results and we can give you an idea of your chances of success?

2. Experience and expertiseimage

Gurminder Mann has been performing vasectomy reversal for over 12  years. This is not a simple operation and it takes time and patience to get it right. Your choice of surgeon is one of the most important factors affecting success.

3. Operation technique

All vasectomy reversals performed by Mr Mann are done using a high-powered surgical microscope to ensure accurate placement of the sutures. Occasionally, a simple vasectomy reversal is not possible and a different technique called “vaso-epididymostomy” is required. This is an operation that other surgeons may not be familiar with, but Mr Mann has plenty of experience with all types of vasectomy reversal.

The operation takes one and a half hours to perform properly and an overnight stay is required. You want a surgeon who will take his time over your vasectomy reversal to get things right, not rush through several operations in quick succession.

4. Sperm saving service available

We not only perform vasectomy reversals, but will also perform a sperm retrieval procedure if required. This involves removing sperm cells from the testis, epididymis or tubes at the time of the operation and putting them into cryo-storage (ie very deep freezing). The sperms can later be used for IVF treatments if necessary. This can be a useful back-up for men who have had previous unsuccessful operations performed elsewhere or whose vasectomy was done a long time ago.

At Vasectomy Reversal UK, we offer a no obligation telephone consultant with your surgeon at no charge. We are confident that once you’ve had chance to talk things through with Mr Mann, you’ll be sure you’re making the right choice. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

5. Fair pricing

We don’t do special offers. We just have a standard every day fair price for vasectomy reversals all year round. Some clinics may be cheaper, but often this is because they do quicker and less effective vasectomy reversal operations (eg without using the surgical microscope). Always check what operation is being offered. Some may send you home on the same day, but we strongly believe that an overnight stay is the best policy.

Most clinics that offer an equivalent service to Vasectomy Reversal UK are more expensive. However we know we can’t be beaten on quality of care and customer satisfaction.

6. Customer service

We are on hand every day including evenings to answer your questions by phone or by email. Larissa can help organise a free telephone consultation with Mr Mann with no obligation if you want to talk things through. We can also help organise local hotel accommodation for your partner if needed.

If you have any problems after your operation, Vasectomy Reversal UK will be here to help. We can give advice over the phone or see you in clinic if necessary. Because Mr Mann is part of the Nottingham Urology Group, you can always see a urology consultant for help even if Mr Mann himself is on holiday. Other vasectomy reversal clinics may have to send you back to your GP if the surgeon is away or unavailable, or send you to another surgeon at additional cost.